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Welcome to EvidenceUK- one of the best SEO companies around. We provide UK businesses with the opportunity to get their site to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN search rankings quickly and at a relatively low cost. We are SEO specialists, and we have vast experience in optimizing sites for many competitive keywords. However, before you use our services, you should learn exactly what SEO is.

SEO (search engine optmization) is the collection of online marketing techniques used to increase a website's visibility. The Internet is one of the world's main sources of information, making search engines indispensable. Getting a site onto the first results page, especially in the top three, is a measure of SEO success.

Many Internet users want information quickly, and that means that they will likely not go past the first results page. Studies back up this assumption- showing that almost ninety percent of searches don't make it past the first page. Getting onto the first results page is essential in a website's long-term success.

Of all the types of search engine optimization, organic SEO is perhaps the most vital. AOrganic SEO is that which naturally ranks your site when customers type in keywords relevant to your site. Sponsored links appearing at the top and bottom of results pages are just that- links from companies who paid for that spot.

You will need to consider it when you're designing and debuting your company's website, and organic SEO is also a very good way to get your business noticed online. SEO isn't one-dimensional; there are myriad combinations of techniques that all push sites higher (or lower) in the results.

The most common organic SEO techniques are on-page optimization and link-building. The search engine ranking of your website says quite a bit about your business. To earn high search results rankings, your website must be SEO-compliant; good organic SEO rankings tell potential customers that your site provides useful information AND that it follows all the rules.

Most search engine users have some concept of SEO, even if they are not aware of the particulars of website rankings. They can tell that the sites not part of the sponsored links are there for a reason; this is apparent in the fact that almost 70% of major search engine users choose the organic results.

EvidenceUK can get your site in the top ten organic search results- ensuring that you get a steady stream of quality, targeted traffic- 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We don't just build websites- we create an online brand for your business, helping it stand out from the competition. Your business' "brand" is a visual representation of its reputation- the more clean and attractive your site's design, the more likely that customers will keep coming back.

If you've spent a lot of money on the building of your website, and it still isn't up in the search engine rankings, or getting enough visitors, or ranking for your chosen keywords- consider EvidenceUK. We can help you get to the top of the page!